Gladiator Athletic Association Membership 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

2015-2016 School Year

1.  How do the multi-year options work?

This is a great way to make a leadership-type commitment to building our athletic program, especially if you have more than one student who will attend JCHS.  You can help the sports of your choice in a very significant way, with 70% of your membership going directly to the sports of your choice, and make it easy for your family to attend JCHS athletic events for years to come! 

Two membership levels are offered:  at the Senators level, your entire family will receive admission and parking to JCHS athletic events for as long as you have a student at JCHS (contiguous years), and at the Centurions level, you will receive these same benefits for up to four years.  With either option, you pay the full amount now, receive the tax deduction now, but benefit from free admission and parking to JCHS athletic events for multiple years…and sports clubs will receive much-needed funding to help them get started!

2. Why are the Gladiator Athletic Association membership levels slightly different from other area high schools?

  • We are fielding a brand new athletic program with very limited funding provided by Fulton County.  Sports teams collect a fee for each player for uniforms and equipment but parent donations and fundraising are also necessary.  During our first four years, the GAA is committed to “cash funding” rather than taking on debt to expand our facilities. 
  • The Athletic Association and its volunteer leadership have capped player fees at $250 per player per sport.  We are committed to keeping participation costs reasonable so that any JCHS student can have the best high school athletic experience possible.  Raising additional dollars will help keep player fees capped.

3.   What if I’m not sure of how I want my membership funds allocated?

You may designate any portion of your membership funds as Undecided on the Membership Form.  You will then have until February 15, 2015, to contact the Vice-President of Membership for GAA to indicate how your Undecided amount should be allocated.  Please note that no sports clubs benefit from your contribution until you allocate funds to them!  Undecided funds which are not allocated to sports clubs by the deadline will be kept by GAA.

4. Can I pay for my membership with a credit card?

Due to concerns about identity fraud, we will not collect your credit card information on our Membership Form.  If you’d like to pay by credit card, check the Electronic Payment option on the Membership Form.  An invoice will be emailed to you and you may pay that invoice directly by clicking on the link referenced in the email.  This method of electronic payment is simple and secure, and you incur no additional cost.

5.  When will I receive my membership cards and other items?

Processing your membership requires a minimum of seven days from receipt of your form and payment.  For quickest turnaround, mail or drop off your form at the address indicated on the form for GAA’s VP of Membership.  Cards and decals will be mailed, and other items accompanying the Senators, Centurions and Founders level memberships will be available for pickup in the JCHS Front Office. 

6. Can I designate additional funds to the sport of my choice?

Each membership level specifies an Amount Donated to Sports Clubs on the Membership Form.  This amount represents 70% of the membership amount, and you may choose which sports clubs to receive this portion of your membership dollars.  You may also make a donation over and above this amount.  This additional donation will be credited 100% to the sports club(s) you designate. 

8. Will the sports clubs know which families have allocated their membership funds to them?

Yes, each sports club will receive a monthly report listing each family allocating funds to that sport and the amount.  A sports club will not, however, know how much money your family has allocated to other sports clubs.

9. Can our donations be prorated or refunded at any time?

No. All membership allocations are final. 

10.  I still have more questions!

Contact GAA’s Vice-President of Membership

Heidi Overton, Cell:  770-598-6986,



Thank you for your support of the Gladiators Athletic Association!